Nairaland Portfolio For Logo Designers 2019

Hi guys,

We are here again to provide members of Arts and Graphics section on Nairaland an opportunity to showcase their works, logo designs specifically.
This is not for comparison purposes, to criticize, oppress, or brag. Just a thread where designers can exhibit their logos and members, guests, fellow designers and potential clients can access, admire, constructively criticize your works and know how to contact you for your services now or later. It can serve as a mini portfolio for the designers.
It’s also to prove that Nigerian designers are up to international standards and should be accorded their due respect.

Just like the last time, same rules apply, for organization purposes.

*All designers will have a maximum of four(4) attachments only.
*Each attachment will have a 800px by 200px dimension.
*The first attachment must carry the designer’s logo only as well as his/her contact details if he/she thinks it’s necessary.
*The other three(3) attachments will contain maximum of four(4) logos each for clarity purpose in no particular order.
*All designs submitted must be the genuine work(s) of the designer submitting it, any forgery or false claims will lead to deleting the affected post and appropriate actions will be taken against the culprit.
*People should try to avoid asking for a designer’s price, number, mail, etc on the thread. Their contacts will be on the first image they upload, if they follow the instructions. Any such comments will be promptly removed.
*While I understand some people have no appreciation for this kind of thing, I’ll appreciate if we all can respect each other and be as civil as possible. We owe each other that much.

Designers are advised to pick out the best of their designs to better impress visitors and potential clients. No text here except for a brief greeting, just your designs speaking for you.

Have fun.
Thank you.

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