The Toughest Players Ever In The English Premier League History

The game of football has had several calibers of players both mentally and physically. Figuratively, there are players who are able to carry the whole team along in terms of battles and brawls. These same players are hard in the way they tackle and commit fouls on oppositions. Consequently, the lovers of the game are aware of the rules but these players are stubborn to their studs and will do anything to obstruct play and even graze the blades of grasses on the pitch. The good old days remind me of hard men in the world’s most watched league since its inception in 1992/1993. Here is a list of those ‘gladiators’ that will ‘take one for the team’ when called upon:

Patrick Vieira

The Frenchman was very tall and a maestro in the middle park at Arsenal. The former captain comes on the least as he cumulated ten (10) Red cards in his Arsenal F.C. career with many yellow cards. The man will always be remembered for his outburst at Roy Keane during a match day fixture against Manchester United.

Roy Keane

Captains are built for the responsibility and Roy wasn’t less. Roy was one of the most committed and hardest players in the league who gathered a total of nineteen (19) trophies in his career at Manchester United. Roy Keane was also known to be rough and aggressive in his style of play – a character that should be in place when representing Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Alan Shearer

It’s normal for strikers to unleash their dry spells on defenders and this legend is one of those strikes. With his record goals in the Premier League still intact and yet to be dethroned, Alan Shearer will never be forgotten as an aggressive and dirty centre forward who was always forgiven by referees.

Thomas Gravesen

Probably one of the controversial players ever in the ranks of Everton F.C, The Danish player was popular as member of a Danish gang and was always quick to confront his teammates whenever he felt it was needed. Thomas was very dirty to his opponents on and off the pitch.

Nemanja Vidic

The Serbian International is arguably one of the best centre backs in the premier league history, forming a solid partnership with Rio Ferdinand at the defense line of Manchester United. A United legend at that, he racked up quite a number of trophies at the club during their glory days. He was able to endure pain on the pitch, strong in the air and a hard tackler on his opponents.

Julian Dicks

Julian was a tough tackler at West Ham United. He was the type that never shied away from going in on opponents even if it meant getting sent off. Not long after, he was named ‘The Terminator’. Julian always got into the books of referees and that eventually cost him the captain armband. He was really a dirty ball player. He was named player of the year at West Ham four different times before finally retiring due to the injuries sustained from his style of play.

Neil Ruddock

He was named ‘Razor’ after the famous boxer for the way he cuts opponents on the pitch. Neil played for four different teams including Liverpool F.C. He was really a ruthless defender robust in his position. Neil will always be seen in the heat of brawls and will swing an arm whenever he got provoked. Let’s put it this way: Neil was simply a gangster.


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